S. Walker & Company is an emerging Real Estate brand in Oklahoma City. More importantly, we are a group of unique Real Estate professionals who share the common core values of authenticity, collaboration, ethics, local community, integrity and stewardship. We are your real estate and lifestyle experts in the metro.

We begin with our listing signs. These unique home marketing signs, that are a registered trademark ®, and first to the industry, are specifically designed to each and every listing with their own unique selling perspectives to your property.

Our approach to our client’s needs is also distinctly noticeable from the large franchise brokerages. We are highly specialized to meet your discriminating needs and have the world wide experience to guarantee your satisfaction. Plus, we keep the profit local, in Oklahoma, supporting our local economies.

We differentiate ourselves from the rest by offering the unique skills to bring communities together through live, work and play. Which means we broker commercial residential and business deals; sometimes all in one package. It’s our job to bring people and real estate together.

Please contact us with all your real estate needs. We understand that loyalties run deep. However, if you are looking for the next generation of real estate marketing and services, please inquire, we will always be available to take your telephone call.

Please see our handles on:

Facebook: facebook.com/swalkerandco

Twitter: twitter.com/SWalkerandCo

Instagram: instagram.com/swalkerandco

2015 © S. Walker & Co. S. Walker & Co., the S. Walker & Co. logo, the Real Estate. Reimagined slogan, and the S. Walker & Co. sign are all trademarks or registered trademarks of S. Walker & Co. ®

We’re in the process of moving my original blog over from a different platform. Please be patient and all the original content will be found here soon. *Please see the Disclaimer.

2 responses to “About

  1. Susan
    I enjoyed meeting you at the old Film Row building you are attempting to save as part of the new MAPS Park. I was there with Randy Floyd. Hope to work with you on this or another project down the road,
    Thanks John Joyce, PE Engineering Solutions
    work phone 405 848 4093

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